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Maryke Brannin

Retired Nurse

Mike is a professional trainer in every way. His assessments are grounded in science, he carefully observes your individual progress, and makes changes accordingly. Personally, gone are my minor age-related aches and pains. I feel and am stronger. My Posture and balance have improved and I have energy! On top, Mike is a personable man with high ethical standards and he makes exercising fun!

Richard Brannin

Senior Project Manager

Mike is outstanding as a person and as a trainer. He is able to asses your strengths & weaknesses and design an exercise program to fit your needs and goals. I often leave a workout with stressed muscles but never a strain or injury. He pushes you to the edge of your capabilities but never over the edge :) 

Finally, his exercise program is different each workout, fun, and helpful in restoring many long standing issues. For example, (posture, strained painful joints, etc ...). Wow!!

Larry Rubenstein

Real Estate Investor

For me, personal training has become a way of life. Every possible Monday, Wednesday and Friday I train with Michael. The experience has been better than any medical remedy could hope to provide. Never any back pain, issues with lifting, bending, reaching, posture, neck stiffness, nothing. At age 73, I believe that is quite an accomplishment, and all due to Michael’s careful attention to what is best for me, personally, for my body and my physical activities. I have many golfing friends (I too play golf) who are constantly complaining about their backs or elbows or you name it and take drugs (e.g. ibuprofen) to cure their ills. Yet all one really needs to do is go to Michael for one hour three times a week instead! Aside from his vast knowledge of how the body functions and how to apply this knowledge to fitness, he is a fine gentleman, fun to talk with and creates a very pleasant hour.

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